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Sporting Agency & Outfitters

We are a highly motivated and experienced sporting agency operating within a traditional surveying and land agency based in Cumbria, in the North West of England.

Through our core business of rural estate management, much of which is grouse moor orientated, we are ideally placed to bring you the very best in sporting opportunities, both at home and abroad.

Please enjoy browsing and do not hesitate to pick up the phone for further information; we talk all things field sports – all day – everyday – and would be delighted to speak with you. We are very approachable and, most importantly, we don’t do the hard sell or hassle you for your details.

Driven grouse shooting

Grouse shooting for the first time is an exhilarating experience. You’ve heard all the stories and you are anxious not to let yourself down by missing too many – or even worse – making a dangerous shot.

The environment is strange but surprisingly comfortable as you lean against the front of your stone built butt, looking out to beautiful heather clad hills unfolding before you. Nothing can prepare you for the adrenaline rush, as contour hugging grouse propel themselves down-wind straight towards you – like a swarm of angry bees.

You have been taught from an early age never to shoot low as the first covey whizzes by unaddressed – your apprenticeship has begun…

Grouse moors have a geographical range from the Peak District of Derbyshire in the South to the walking moors of Sutherland in the far North of Scotland. Each region has its own character and particular challenge, from the shimmering mirage lines of grouse appearing over the heat haze of an afternoon on the North York Moors – to the whistle of wings of a down-wind covey approaching from a black storm laden sky on the Pennine moors.
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Spanish partridge shooting

For many years Spain has been regarded as the ultimate destination for serious game shots. The sheer variety of sport on offer, combined with glorious un-spoilt countryside and Spanish hospitality will guarantee you return year after year to the mountains and plains of La Mancha.

Davis & Bowring began letting Spanish partridge shooting in Spain on the Las Beatas Estate in 1989, and has been accompanying return visitors to La Mancha – regarded as the Mecca for partridge shooting – ever since. The sport has been enjoyed for many decades by a small fraternity of international guns who return to Villanueva de los Infantes year after year to enjoy truly remarkable sport in glorious countryside.

The majority of days we organise are still in this area, on the same Estate now renamed La Cuesta, where the shooting season currently runs from the 1st October until the 28th February. Outside this season we can also arrange days on estates in different provinces of Spain where their season is extended. In our opinion Spanish partridge shooting at La Cuesta sets the gold standard by which other shoots are judged, and we are proud to be UK agents for this fantastic shoot.
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Los Melonares Partridge Shooting

For the travelling sportsman Los Melonares is a true oasis in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla – a short drive on country roads from the beautiful city of Seville.

The 1400 ha Finca is well served by natural springs, forming two river valleys which never dry up. There is an abundance of exotic plants and trees which grace this true sporting paradise. Wild boar and red deer freely roam the country and are often seen on partridge shooting days, together with many exotic bird species attracted by the water.

Finca Los Melonares lies in a remote rural setting in the heart of Sierra Norte de Sevilla, approximately 30 miles due North of Seville, between Puebla Castilblanco de los Arroyos and a large reservoir, Emblase Los Melonares.
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Partridge and Wild Boar Shooting in Morocco

Home to the wild Gambra partridge, Morocco has long been a popular destination for travelling sportsmen seeking adventure.

As well as being an increasingly popular tourist destination, the remote, rock strewn foothills of the High Atlas mountains are an unspoilt landscape of subsistence farming and sheep grazing. In the valleys, apple orchards flourish. The hill sides are peppered with Spanish juniper, evergreen oak and cactus; wild thyme carpets the ground – a perfect habitat for game.

Built and developed as a luxurious home and sporting retreat for the discerning French owner, Dar Ndorobo is named after the village where his loyal Maasai game-trackers live in Northern Tanzania.
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"I think it goes without saying that we all had a fantastic time. Shooting, company and of course the organisation was all first class."

"I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed our day at Kildale. Wonderful people, scenery, shooting and thoroughly enjoyable. Your usual relaxed supervision made for a memorable experience."

"I’d just like to say how I thought Spain was the absolutely perfect trip – from setting out to getting home again it just couldn’t have been better. I think the first drive of the last day was the very best I’ve had anywhere, anytime – from the most spectacular partridges."

“I would like to thank you for the best days shooting that I can ever remember. The birds were beautifully presented, flew really well and every drive was different. I came away feeling I should retire on a high as I will not see its like again.”

Pheasant shooting

Pheasant shooting is a typically British affair; the crunch of gravel outside the grand country house, the sweep of the drive through graceful parkland and beyond, a landscape of rolling hills rich with native hardwoods augmented with softwood stands, planted expressly with shooting in mind.

Throughout the North of England and Scotland, outstanding pheasant shooting is enjoyed – from traditional estates to the wilder corners of remote private uplands, amidst breathtaking countryside with steep wooded ghylls, dry-stone walls and rushy pastures on the moorland fringe.

Keen to expand the range, quality and variety of game shooting, we continually strive to secure reliable, honest sport upholding traditional values coupled with thoughtful conservation.

We cater for groups or individuals with equal respect and match the sport with accommodation, assistance and instruction as required.
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Partridge shooting

The classic English partridge shoot is steeped in tradition. Picture a crisp autumn day in East Anglia with wide skies, bowler hatted keepers, guns lined tight behind tall hedges amidst vast golden fields. There’s a loud chitter as a covey of grey partridges flares up over the hedge, and swirl down low across the stubble behind the guns. There’s a crackle of shots, and pickers-up kneeling beside guns keenly mark the fallen birds. Pockets of native wild ‘greys’ still exist, though modern agriculture has seen their numbers decline.

Partridge shooting nowadays is largely focussed on the much more hardy red-legged partridge – best suited to the vagaries of British weather. When typically driven over wide chalk valleys in the south, and in the north over deep wooded ghylls on the moorland fringe, ‘red-legs’ present remarkably challenging and reliably sporting shooting, and can add great variety within a pheasant drive. We arrange partridge shooting throughout the British Isles, with gaining popularity both for more formal ‘double-gun’ driven days and small private family days, where guns walk between drives. Call us to discuss your requirements.
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Red Deer Stalking is largely focussed on shooting the male Stags, impressive beasts ranging mostly in the glens and mountains across Highlands, Islands and lowlands of Scotland, and also the English Lake District. The Red Deer is one the largest deer species, found also in Europe and Argentina.

Deer stalking is a typically traditional field sport. Vastly experienced and handsomely betweeded stalkers test fire the rifles on the estate range, before heading off into the hills and glens to ‘spy’ a suitable ‘beastie’, usually a cull stag – sometimes a ‘trophy’ dependant on estate policy or clients wishes. The stalk is usually all day, pitting your wits against a wild animal, reading the wind, the cover, the range, the surroundings, then choosing the kill, and closing in, undetected, ultimately steadying ones nerves for the shot. Many estates still use the hardy fell ponies to retrieve the ‘kill’, strapping the gralloched deer to the pony’s back and walking back down to the larder. Estate lodge accommodation is most convenient and traditional, and we often arrange a mixed week of sport, with fishing, walked-up grouse shooting and wildfowling, perhaps the chance of a ‘McNab’.

Woodland Roe Deer stalking is widely available, and much sought after throughout UK, and central & eastern Europe; with the best UK ‘trophy’ bucks found in the South and Southwest. A typical early morning or evening stalk in sun dappled woodland is hugely exciting. Stealth & guile are key; the snap of a twig underfoot, a tickly throat, or a change of wind can undo hours of patient suspense on foot or from a high seat; but when all goes to plan, my goodness saddle of venison is mighty delicious!


We have a tremendous depth of accumulated knowledge of fine fishing destinations – both at home and abroad.

From Patagonia to Scotland via Iceland and the Atlantic salmon rivers of the North of England, we have personally experienced great sport in stunningly beautiful surroundings.

With access to prime salmon fishing on the most famous rivers in Scotland we can offer clients not only some of the best salmon fishing opportunities but also the chance to stalk for roe deer to complement a perfect sporting week in the Highlands. For inexperienced rods, we can arrange for professional ghillies to guide you through the basic skills – and offer the best possible chance of success through their encyclopaedic knowledge of the salmon pools in all conditions.

Late Spring and Summer fishing, be it on the chalk streams of Hampshire for native brown trout or chasing wild rainbow trout on Derbyshire’s streams with a delicious picnic hamper by the river, make this a quintessentially English experience. Foreign fishing destinations are hugely popular, particularly where non-fishing companions can relax in guaranteed sunshine! Whether it’s fresh water or salt you are looking for, through our carefully selected, international fly fishing partners we can offer you the very best chance of fishing excellence.
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Argentine shooting & fishing

Argentina presents a bewildering variety of sport from which to choose; and a lifetime’s adventure for those who dare to make the trip.

Head to Buenos Aires, a vibrant city reflecting a diverse international culture, home of the ‘Tango’ and the Alvear Palace Hotel. For Dove shooting, fly north-east to Córdoda, Tucuman or Salta, where vast alluvial plains planted with Sorghum, Soya or Sunflower have seen the native Torcaza (eared dove) population explode. Truly, the spectacle of a million or so doves, taking to the air as one is astonishing to behold! The doves flight between roost & feeding ground or water hole, both morning & evening and provide exhilarating sport for shooters – flying with a spirited wing beat, jinking and swerving at will. Lunch under canvas is typically an Asado (BBQ), grass fed beef, chops & sausages washed down with local beer or Malbec, followed by a snooze in a hammock before the evening flight – doves in biblical proportions. Every shot is possible, in infinite variety, indeed with rear-‘round availability there’s no better place to practice for your season at home. Shoot lodges offer comfortably appointed ‘full board’ accommodation; with attentive staff who arrange gun hire, local hunting permits, airport transfers & domestic flights. A 3 day (½ day pm, 2 full days, ½ day am) dove shooting trip, with a night either side in Buenos Aires would typically need a week away from home.
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Family orientated safaris in East Africa

Through our close association with Robin Hurt Safaris (Kenya), run by Nick’s cousin, we can offer bespoke itineraries to suit any family requirements. RHSK specialises in luxury, tented safaris in the traditional style – they are also very happy to put together touring programmes using private Lodges in the Game Parks, with the emphasis on staying well away from the tourist hordes and their intrusive lenses.

Run by third and fourth generation settlers, RHSK is a very well established and highly respected small company which can offer our clients access to areas where larger firms are simply not invited. Ask for further details and perhaps consider incorporating a few days on the coast after your safari to wash away the dust and simply relax by the Indian Ocean.

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The Sporting Agency Team

Over the years, Davis & Bowring has evolved into an enthusiastic team of dedicated people.

Nick Mason

Director, Sporting Agent

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07831 256 189


Nick has been highly instrumental in establishing and growing Davis & Bowring’s Sporting department since 1987, when he began working as a Sporting Agent having originally worked in a land agency management role.Born in London in the mid 50s Nick’s first years were as far removed from hills and heather as you could imagine.

Moving to Suffolk in the late 60s he started shooting pigeons and then game on his uncle’s farm; these were ‘red letter’ days and early game book entries run to several pages of enthusiastic notes and diagrams!


Sporting Agent

0782 4438746

07824 438 746


Christopher Mason-Hornby has worked with Davis & Bowring Sporting Agency since 2004 and has a widely successful approach in guiding novice guns – especially the young – to their 1st grouse, partridge or pheasant.

As a Grouse Moor owner himself he is a highly enthusiastic country sportsman, a keen shot and a passionate rural conservationist and will be found enjoying the outdoors with his engaging hounds Wiggies & Fino (working Cockers) at his side, and many will recall his much loved Tokaji (wire-haired Vizsla) recently departed.

Now married with two children, Christopher grew up on his family’s sporting estates in Westmorland and North Lancashire.

Joy Kirkbride

Sporting Co-ordinator

+44 (0)15242 74441

07984 332 752


A country girl born and bred Joy is at her happiest outdoors. Spare time is spent up a fell or on the moors, come rain or shine. Game has always been a family favourite. During the winter months she can often be found in the shed plucking a few pheasants!

This combined with 8 years working in agricultural logistics, and a passion for client care enhances a keen new addition to the Davis and Bowring Sporting team.